Friday, May 21, 2010

A Trick for Chopping Basil

Fresh herbs are a bit of work, but they are totally worth it. I have a trick for chopping basil that makes it very easy. First, wash and dry your basil. Pick off the amount of leaves you want for your recipe. Using 5 or 10 leaves at a time, stack them, making sure to have a bigger leaf on the bottom and top and stuffing smaller ones near the middle - this will make the next step easier.

Roll the leaves up, using your thumb and forefinger on both hands.

Keep ahold of the roll with one hand and use the other to chop thin slices of the roll.
This will create a nice chiffonade, great for tossing in a salad or to top a dish.

If you would like chopped basil - great for including in sauces and dressings, continue by running your knife through the thin ribbons of basil until you've got a fine chop. This technique is also good for sage or other leafy herbs.

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