Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Keep Up With Your Social Life!

Just because you're following a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you can't go out to eat or meet your friends for cocktails. One of the reasons I am in support of a lifestyle following Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution is that eating out and keeping up with your social life is totally doable.

Last week my fiance and I met a friend of his from grade school at Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica for dinner. Rustic Canyon is a restaurant and wine bar that hosts a regularly-changing seasonal menu inspired by ingredients from local, sustainable farmers, ranchers and fishermen.

To our delight, our server didn't bring bread to the table (having to turn away a baguette is like a punch in the stomach for me), but instead brought a small plate of mixed olives and fried (but not breaded) baby artichokes with garlic, lemon and parsley. So delish! We ordered a bottle of organically grown wine - a recommendation from our friend because apparently in addition to the benefits of organic farming, organic wine is less prone to give one a hangover. Nice! I'll try to do some more research on this and report back :) Next, my man ordered a scallop appetizer while I got a really yummy and fresh dish of sliced summer squash with olive oil, lemon, mint and walnuts. For our entree we shared a steak, which normally comes with fries, but the restaurant graciously substituted expertly prepared sauted kale for the frites. We enjoyed every bite of our meal and made no diet "violations" whatsoever.

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