Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

According to my food bible, dark chocolate (greater than 70% cocoa) and cocoa nibs are acceptable low-sugar foods. This doesn't mean that you can eat all the dark chocolate you want, but when you get a craving, it's okay to have a square of chocolate or a few cocoa nibs. All of these delicious options pictured at right were found at my local Trader Joe's.

The package at the bottom left is a three pack of smaller bars. I brought a couple of these with me when my fiance and I recently went to the movies. It was a yummy treat and kept me away from the popcorn and my man away from his favorite movie snack - sour gummi bears. He was very good and only ate half of his bar. I can't say the same :)

For my day-to-day cravings, I keep a bar in the fridge and when I need a little something sweet, I'll snap off a square or two and leave the rest for the next time a craving hits.

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