The Diet Schmiet Diet

The diet schmiet! diet is based on my experience with and interpretation of Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution - a philosophy and book by world-renowned heart surgeon (and former chubster himself) Dr. Steven R. Gundry. 

I'm not typically a fan of diets. I find typical diets to be: unsustainable (what? no wine!); unrealistic (soup only?); unhealthy (so, I can have a cheddar bacon burger as long as I don't eat the bun?) or just one step above starvation (2 shakes a day and a healthy meal? that's it?!?!). I say to all of these options - "diet, schmiet!". Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution, on the other hand, presents a sound philosophy, encourages healthy eating (a diet of mostly vegetables with some protein and good fats) and outlines a sustainable, new lifestyle - not a diet.

I began Gundry myself in early March 2010 in support of my fiance, Max, who complained fairly regularly about being overweight. I had returned home on a Sunday night after a trip to visit friends, one of whom had recently lost 25 pounds following Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution. The successful weight loss of another individual wouldn't normally have a huge impact on Max. However, at that time he was also concerned with an upcoming surfing trip/bachelor party in Cabo where he would surely have to go shirtless. And, he had just the night before been reminded by high school friends that once upon a time he shared the title of "best body". The confluence of these circumstances was just too much, and before I even finished describing what I knew of the diet Max said, "get the book, we're starting tomorrow."

We saw immediate results! After a few weeks of successful weightloss, we began sharing the book and our story with friends and family, many of whom started on Gundry themselves. I found myself talking about the book, sharing recipes, providing tips and trading stories nearly everyday. So, I decided I wanted to bring that discussion to a larger group to hopefully inspire others to begin a healthier lifestyle and to help them along on their journey.