Thursday, January 27, 2011

Have Y'all Tried the Baked Indian Chicken Yet?

If you haven't tried the Baked Indian Chicken yet, you should.  I made this for the fourth or fifth time last night and again, found it to be easy to prepare and satisfying to eat.  This is another recipe that looks like you've put in a lot of effort, when you haven't. 
Do beware that some marinating is involved.  (I hate when I get excited about making a recipe only to find out several hours of marinating or chilling are involved.)  I usually start marinating the chicken before work and then just have a few simple steps (chop onions, transfer chicken to baking dish and put in the oven) to do when I get home.
This go'round I coupled the chicken with some roasted cauliflower with a bit of curry powder.   And of course, no meal of mine would be complete without a glass of red wine!


  1. Yes, red wine always completes! And I'm loving this recipe. I actually like stuff that can marinate in the morning so the evening is as effortless as possible.


    November Grey

  2. I made this baked Indian Chicken over the weekend and it was really good! It is very simple to make and delicious!