Friday, December 31, 2010

Celebratory Red

Tonight, why not try a really special red instead of traditional bubbly?  As, I've been saying throughout the holiday season, its okay to do a little cheating.  Tomorrow is the first day of the New Year after all, and the day that we get re-inspired to do all things good, happy and healthy.  But, if you've made your commitment to follow the rules tonight, consider bringing a special bottle of red wine rather than champagne to whatever party or intimate soiree you've got planned.

Max and I love the wines from Orin Swift Cellars.  The brainchild of David Phinney, the new, small production wines are amazingly rich blends with labels nearly as special as the grapes.  His flagship wine, The Prisoner, is a delicious Zinfandel blend and our personal favorite. You can sometimes find a bottle at Whole Foods for just under $40.  I've found bottles for as little as $32 at random wine shops.  His Saldo and Abstract will run you about $25 and if you're feeling spendy, look for Papillon or Mercury Head.  We've tried all of them save for Mercury Head, but  I am confident that if you love California wines as we do, you will be thrilled with any of these bottles. You will definitely want to hit up your local wine shop or specialty liquor store to find these beauties.  Every once in a while you'll get lucky at Whole Foods, but a run into Ralph's on your way to a party isn't going to score you an Orin Swift.

Cheers to a Happy & Healthy New Year!

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