Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No One Has To Know Store-Bought Rotisserie Chicken

We're all busy. Especially during the summer.  Give yourself a break and let the store do some work.  No one has to know.  I bought a Mary's Organic Rotisserie Chicken from Whole Foods and kept it in the refrigerator until I was ready to use it.  I decided to serve it with grilled artichokes - a summer classic.  I cut the chicken into pieces and let it warm on the top rack of the grill, while the artichokes cooked.
For the artichokes: Cut artichokes in half and scoop out the choke with a spoon.  This is sort of difficult.  If you don't get it all out, you can clean them up after the next step.  Boil the artichokes until tender, approximately 7 - 10 minutes and then grill, cut-side down, until browned.  Drizzle with good olive oil or serve with a little bit of melted butter* for dipping.
* Use only grass-fed butter such as Kerrygold Irish butter (sold at Trader Joe's and other grocers). See Note on page 255 of DGDE.

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