Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So, I guess before I share this new, yummy, simple recipe with you, I should address my five month absence. Suffice it to say: my husband and I have gone through some life changing experiences, including buying a home (notice the different counters?). So, for many months cooking (and blogging) took a serious back seat. I'm happy to report that I'm basically back to "normal" and have been enjoying cooking for Max and myself again ... And have developed a few new, yummy, quick recipes, including this one.

A few months back my girlfriend/colleague was talking about a delicious jambalaya she made over the weekend.  I love the mix of ingredients and depth of flavor in jambalaya and thought,"Man that sounds good. I wonder if I can come up with a Gundry-friendly version of jambalaya?" In my estimation this recipe is a delicious meal, that's quick and easy enough for a weeknight, interesting enough to serve to guests and nearly as satisfying as a true jambalaya.
1 chicken sausage (I like hot Italian)
8 shrimp, medium (buy shelled and deveined to save time)
2 to 3 bell peppers (I prefer the color & flavor of red/yellow/orange)
2 zucchini
Sliced onion or shallot (optional)
1tsp salt
2 - 3 Tbsp Old Bay seasoning
1tsp garlic powder (optional)

First, prep your veggies and sausage. Chop the zucchini and bell peppers in a large, rough chop.  Slice onion or shallot if using.  Remove the sausage from its casing and break into small pieces (or slice if using a pre-cooked sausage).

Preheat a large skillet over medium heat with extra virgin olive oil.  Add the veggies to the skillet, spinkle with salt and Old Bay and stir to combine.  Cook for a minute or so and then add the sausage.  Cover* the pot and cook until the veggies are nearly soft and the sausage is almost cooked through.

 While the veggies and sausage are cooking, prepare your shrimp as needed (shell, devein, remove tails, etc.).  Add the shrimp, along with the garlic powder (and more Old Bay if desired) and cook until they are opaque and firm. I like to break the shrimp in half with a spatulas so it seems like there's more shrimp. :)

 Serve in bowls and don't forget to pour in some yummy sauce.

*Covering the pot traps the wonderful juices released from the veggies and creates a delicious sauce.

P.S.  If you happen to serve this meal to some non-Gundry'ers, this recipe would be delicious with a slice of crusty bread to sop up this dish's delicious sauce.

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