Saturday, December 17, 2011

Travel Snacks

Max and I are headed to the East Coast for the holidays.  When I travel, I like to bring a plethora of snacks to help me stay on track while I'm away.  I bring a mix of nuts, dark chocolate and low-carb protein bars (see pg. 65 of the book for acceptable kinds).
Make no mistake, these items are high calorie and should be eaten in moderation.  But, they travel well and will help me to avoid slips while I'm on the go.  If I have a nut snack in my purse, I'm less likely to grab a soft pretzel on 5th Avenue from a street vendor.  If I eat a protein bar, I'm less likely to give into the urge to have one of those classic New York bagels.  And, with chocolate on hand, I can pass up nearly any dessert put before me.
I like packing my nut snacks in these cute, reusable, food-safe, dishwasher-safe bags, called lunchskins from 3greenmoms.  
For your holiday travels, plan ahead and bring some Gundry-friendly snacks that will keep you satisfied.

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